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The Yelm Local Food Movement and 2020: What a Difference a Season Makes

Greetings Beautiful Yelm Community!

Little did we know at the end of the season last year what this year was going to look like! Having started organic farming in 1995 because I didn't want corporations making my food choices, then becoming a farm activist passionate about protecting farmland and our food supply, I knew our food supply was vulnerable, but yikes, now we ALL know!

Food Prosperity Central was started the end of 2019 with our first local food community Potluck in December. Two more Potlucks, an Open House with all day classes, and film showings, we were on a roll endeavoring to gain community interest in the importance of food and farming, then the stay-home order came and the world changed in a moment.

The Yelm Local Food Movement was inspired out of my experiencing putting a post on Facebook to Reaching Out Yelm, a Group of over 9K members about Wyoming's laws that allow cattle ranchers to sell directly from their farm. This was just when the meat packing plants were closing and meat shortages were becoming evident. In all my 25 years I never had such rapt attention of people who didn't even know me. The Yelm Local Food Movement Facebook Group was born and the conversations started flowing.

For those of you not on Facebook we're exploring the next steps to bringing the Yelm Local Food Movement to the entire community, so stay tuned.

Today marks the opening of the Yelm Farmers Market. Mari and I will have an information table there as we've both decided to not be there each for our own reasons. First time in 25 years I haven't done a market but good change is in the air, so as I said stay tuned.

Food Prosperity Central will also have an information table so if you're going to the market make sure to check it out. Our goals are many, but creating more farmers, gardeners, food producers, and local food processors is our intention. We'll also have a survey form for you to fill out so please let us know what your interests, needs, and skills are related to food and farming. To a bountiful 2020 Season in all ways! Susie

P.S. From Jeannie Isaacs - If anyone in or around Yelm would like to grow a garden but doesn't have the space, the Emanuel Lutheran Church will give you a plot in exchange for doing some weeding around their grounds. They even have people to help you start digging in! It is a friendly place, they regularly host music recitals and lessons, art classes, weekly dinners open to all, craft fairs, and more, all non-denominational. PM me for more info or call Jeannie Davis at the office, 360-458-3861

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