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Welcome to Food Prosperity Central's first Blog Post!

And Welcome to 2020!

Welcome to Food Prosperity Central's first blog ever! 

Wow, we had our inaugural Potluck December 18 to see if you all are interested in rocking and rolling our local food system, community and local economy and we got a resounding yes!  Not only are we hungry for healthy food we're hungry for community and connection, something our current food system doesn't provide, so let's roll out the 2020 calendar for January and February to get this show on the road!

We'll start off 2020 with a Film at 6pm on Thursday, January 9 at the Yelm Community Center, film to be announced. 

Our 2nd Local Food Potluck will be Thursday, January 23 from 6-8pm at the Community Center.  Join us for delicious home-made food, treasured family recipes and lively conversations around food, farming (Farmer/Gardener Project), making and selling products whether they be food (The Kitchen Project) or non-food items (Cottage Industry Project) or community and distribution (The Food Hub Project).

Saturday, February 8 will be the official Kick-off Open House from 10am-5pm that will include a variety of display tables with plenty of opportunity to interact on one side of the center and classes scheduled all day long on the other side.  Plus a kids' corner. 

It will be an event you won't want to miss, besides it's your participation that will help to make the event, and ultimately shape our sweet little local food system and community into what we want it to be.

Now as we look forward to January and February, come join us!  Great times to plan and play, learn, connect and create.  Welcome aboard!


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