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Welcome to Food Prosperity Central!

MORE - Local Affordable Healthy Fresh Food!

May 18th Event

Food Prosperity Central is a grassroots down home group of people that love our local Yelm community, that are passionate about food and farming, and feel the pressing need to strengthen our local food system.

Our Mission

  • To increase local food prosperity by encouraging a vibrant community that is connected, supported and inspired to action around food, farming and a thriving local economy. ​

  • To engage with our neighbors in bringing back the experience of true community and togetherness.


  • Increased access to and availability of  Local-Affordable-Healthy-Fresh-Food (LAHFF)

  • Expanded opportunities to create income through local production and services related to food (Community Kitchen) and non-food items (Cottage Industry Market). 

  • Conscious shift from consuming to producing, and the greater awareness of what we buy along with a more accurate perception of what we really need.

  • Zero Waste


Some of the FPC projects in the making:

  • Apple Gleaning

  • Chicken/Egg Project

  • Farmer/Grower/Producer Support

  • Community Kitchen

  • Cottage Industries

  • Labor Pool Registry

  • Tool Exchange

  • Learning Center


Community activities – ideas percolating

  • Social gatherings around food - dinnertime together (maybe some board games, music, square dancing, etc.)

  • Monthly Film Showings

  • Farm-to-Table Dinners

  • Let’s make that – could be pasta, hats, chairs, etc.

  • Pie Bake-offs

  • Local recipe book

  • Let’s help someone Saturday

  • Lost arts – can you teach us how to do that?

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